Dance Educators

Job Description

We’re not interested in hiring teachers who just teach combos; anyone can do that. We want to give a platform for passionate, knowledgeable, and purposeful dance practitioners who empower dancers and create positive change through their unique teaching philosophies. We’re looking for educators at every career stage with colorful perspectives and experiences who can teach a variety of dancers.

You’ll be responsible for developing and implementing innovative classes and curricula that cater to the specific needs of dance artists participating in each Experience.


• Evaluate each experience overview and provide creative class ideas based on your skillset.
• Develop and execute engaging classes that emphasize capacity, integrity, creativity, and community.
• Create a safe space for students to explore and process what they’ve learned.
• Provide specialized attention so that every participant feels supported.
• Collaborate & communicate with other educators.


• You have a relevant degree in dance or +5 years of relevant experience in performance, pedagogy, choreography, or dance-related practices.
• You have a unique skill set to offer the dance community.  
• You are interested in creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative future for the dance industry.
• A proactive self-starter, ambitious, creative, with a track record of understanding artistry, technique, and movement research processes.
• Experience in working in a fast-paced environment with unique circumstances.
• Educated in the importance of diversity and safe spaces for all bodies.
• The position is based on the artist’s needs & experience, and you’ll be hired on a project-to-project basis.
• Be able to articulate your artist mission & teaching processes.

Who You Are

• A confident dancer who’s passionate about their work.
• Takes pride in their teaching process and wants to see results.
• Knows how to read a room.
• Community driven & collaborative.
• Self identifies as someone aware, compassionate, and hard-working.
• Keep your cool in times of stress and provide solutions when problems arise.
• A good person.


• Competitive pay
• Flexible schedule
• Incredible dancers to work & collaborate with
• Family environment
• An organization that understands and considers your artistic goals.
• Space to bring your true self.